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It is a combination of security information management (SIM) with security event management (SEM). SIEM (SEM). For compliance and auditing purposes, it allows for in-the-moment monitoring and analysis of events.

SIEM is a system that helps businesses identify possible security risks and vulnerabilities before such threats or vulnerabilities can impair company operations. It uses artificial intelligence to automate many of the human operations associated with detecting and responding to threats and incidents.As a result, it has become an essential component of modern security operation centers (SOCs) for managing security and compliance use cases.

SIEM has developed over the years to the point that it is now superior to the log management systems that came before it. AI and machine learning capabilities have made SIEM more capable of analysing the behaviour of both users and the systems they interact with UEBA. It is a very effective data orchestration system for ever-changing handling of risks in addition to regulatory compliance and reporting.

SIEM tools perform their function by collecting the event and log data generated across an organization’s infrastructure by host systems, applications, and security devices such as antivirus filters and firewalls and then bringing that data together on a centralized platform. This is how the tools get their information. The data is identified by the SIEM tools and sorted into categories such as successful and unsuccessful logins, malware activity, and other most likely dangerous activities.

When the SIEM software finds possible vulnerabilities in the system, it will subsequently provide security alerts. The organization may assign these warnings a low or high priority by using a set of criteria that have been specified.

On the other hand, a user account that produces 130 unsuccessful login attempts in five minutes would be labeled as a high-priority event since it is very probable that a brute-force assault is being carried out.

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