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DDoS assaults are on the rise and can potentially bring down a company, a network, or even an entire nation. There are just a few DDoS assaults, but the damage they may do is significant. A DDoS assault a few years ago knocked Estonia’s internet service down. Over the last year or two, massive DDoS attacks have plagued Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. DDoS attackers have also adopted a ransomware-style demand for money from their victims, prospective victims, and ransomware groups.

Even though security teams may take steps to limit the damage caused by DDoS assaults, an increase in the complexity of these attacks has spurred a boom in the market for DDoS solutions.

DDoS assaults, according to Cisco’s research, will increase from 10 million in 2021 to 15 million in 2023. The 2021 State of the Data Center Industry study report ranked DDoS as the second most worrisome danger to businesses.

DDoS assaults, according to Imperva Research Labs, often occur in waves. There has been a recent rise in ransom DDoS assaults designed to destroy the target’s network and applications until a ransom is paid. A minor assault often precedes these threats to demonstrate the criminals behind them can carry out their threats.

In December 2021, there was a new wave. According to NetScout’s most recent Threat Intelligence Report, the first half of 2021 saw a higher number of DDoS assaults than the whole year of 2020.

Thirty-one DDoS assaults will be launched against a single organization in 2021 to magnify their efforts. Multi-vector assaults using more than 20 vectors increased by an average of 106 percent.With our assistance, Bita Technologies customers may create a comprehensive cyber security plan that identifies investment priorities and aligns security capabilities with the business’s strategic objectives. Because of this collaboration, we’ve been able to develop a comprehensive enterprise security strategy that protects our customers’ data while also allowing them to remain flexible in the face of rapid advancements in business and technology.Bita Technologies is the go-to company for all things related to cyber security. Additional services, like professional services, AMC contracts, and data center solutions, are also available from us. As a result, we also provide cyber security services to enterprises of every size.