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Pentesting, also known as penetration testing, is a kind of ethical cyber security assessment that aims to locate, securely exploit, and contribute to the remediation of vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and websites. Pen testing is a method that simulates the circumstances of an actual assault by using the same tools and strategies used by malicious cyber actors.

The commissioning of a penetration test helps organizations decrease security risk and offer confidence in the security of their IT estates. This is accomplished by eliminating vulnerabilities before they may be exploited maliciously.

Bita Technologies penetration testing services follow a systematic procedure in their testing. In a black box external network pentest, after the engagement has been defined, the pen tester will do thorough reconnaissance, scanning, and asset mapping to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited.After gaining access to the network, the penetration tester will try to migrate laterally across the network to secure the higher-level privileges necessary to compromise more assets and accomplish the goal of the pen-testing engagement.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the threats, it is advised that every organization carry out penetration testing at least once per year, but more often in the following circumstances:

  • Introducing significant alterations to the existing infrastructure
  • Introducing brand-new goods and services to the market
  • Combining with another company via an acquisition or merger.
  • Getting ready to comply with the established safety requirements
  • Putting forward bids for significant business contracts
  • Using and building one’s own specialized software applications

Using our penetration testing services, you can ensure your company’s safety by guarding its networks, systems, and applications.

  • One of the most well regarded and authorized pentesting businesses
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the processes that hackers use.
  • CIn-depth study of the risks and trustworthy recommendations
  • Getting ready to comply with the established safety requirements
  • Carry out post-test care in its entirety for efficient risk remediation
  • Security services that have won many offensive industry awards

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