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As seen by the recent increase in phishing and ransomware attempts, cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and complex. Advanced threat prevention (ATP) solutions are intended to mitigate the dangers that these assaults represent to an organization’s endpoints by stopping attacks before they occur.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions are intended to defend an organization’s endpoints against advanced and sophisticated attacks. By emphasizing threat prevention instead of threat detection and response, ATP technologies reduce the risk and possible consequences of advanced assaults on an organization’s endpoints.

To achieve their goals of threat prevention and risk reduction, ATP systems need the following fundamental capabilities:

  • To prevent a threat in real-time instead of reacting to it after the fact, visibility into the events happening on a protected endpoint must be comprehensive and real-time. This insight allows an ATP solution to rapidly identify signs of a possible cyber attack and prevent it from commencing.
  • Many security teams are overwhelmed by a deluge of security warnings generated by various security solutions and continuous threats. Context is required for advanced threat prevention to guarantee that security teams are aware of and react to enterprise-level risks promptly.
  • ATP solutions are meant to mitigate the danger of advanced assaults on the data possessed by a business. To do this, the tool must be able to comprehend the sensitivity and importance of the data so that it can spot assaults aimed at the data and react appropriately.
  • Cyberattacks have grown more sophisticated and targeted, using extensive reconnaissance and sophisticated tactics. ATP solutions must have the same level of visibility and intelligence to thwart these assaults before they begin.

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