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Network security for mobile devices is a broad word that encompasses the devices themselves and the business systems they link to.

Specialized mobile device management (MDM) systems let your business keep track of what’s going on outside the network’s boundaries. Before mobile devices may connect to corporate servers and databases, they can be patched and safeguarded against exploits and phishing attempts using centralised controls.

The modern workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, with telecommuting and working from home becoming mainstream. Your company requires a method to protect distant devices connected to corporate networks, such as employee-owned devices. You can set up and enforce a security policy for all of your IT assets with the help of mobile device security tools. Before granting access to distant devices, you may confirm they are patched and updated correctly using MDM. This lowers the risk of malware or network intrusion. You can also remotely update all of your devices with new app versions.

Apps installed in this ring fence can’t have their data extracted or sent anywhere else. This protects against industrial espionage, data theft by third-party apps that have been hacked, and malicious employees.

A robust mobile device security plan helps you get the most out of your smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices by making your environment less vulnerable to threats.

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Every network security solution is designed and set up to meet the needs of your mobile workforce and your data strategy. Once implementation is done, our technical support team has won multiple awards and is always available to help solve problems and give advice.

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