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NIPS Deep Security

NIPS Support and Services Provider in Delhi || Bengaluru || Mumbai (India).

Cloud-based security management and analytics platforms, which are supplied by network-based intrusion prevention systems (NIPS) equipment, are used to deliver security management and analytics services. NIPS is a system that operates inline and does deep packet inspection in addition to aggregating and analyzing scrutiny of all network data.

NIPS is the best option for monitoring and alerting because of its low cost, excellent performance, and complete detection and prevention choices. This is because of its comprehensive detection and prevention options. There is no interface with Active Directory, no sophisticated alert processing, and no reporting features are included.

Your network security can only stay one step ahead of targeted attacks that circumvent traditional safeguards, exploit network weaknesses, and either demand a ransom for crucial data, communications, or intellectual property or steal it.

With the help of NIPS, you can protect your company’s vital information and its reputation from a wide range of potential dangers while maintaining wire-speed performance across your entire network. An inline inspection can deliver proven network stability and availability for hybrid infrastructure, including on-premises, private, and public cloud environments, without impeding the network’s performance.

Because of its fault-tolerant features, which enable good availability and uptime, it is an excellent choice for inline deployment. NIPS employs several different threat defense mechanisms that span multiple generations to protect itself from known, unknown, and unreported threats. You can depend on our technology to keep you in the know and control no matter how the threat landscape shifts. Our technology is intelligent, can be optimized, and is linked.

Bita Technologies performs a controlled, real-world evaluation and penetration test on your firewalls, public IP addresses, and network entry points. This test seeks to uncover vulnerabilities that could grant hackers access to your systems and data. We will do a cyber-security audit to ensure the integrity of your systems and data.

Bita Technologies is widely regarded as India’s preeminent cyber security service provider. In addition to selling and installing cyber security devices, we also provide professional services, AMC contracts, data center solutions, and more. In addition to that, we offer our services in the field of cyber security to companies of all sizes.