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Today’s networks are the epicenter of innovation and will continue to serve as the driving force behind digital acceleration via further network modernization. Never before has it been more important or challenging to expand and scale a digital company while securing a dispersed infrastructure. Secure Networking from Bita Technologies addresses these challenges by converging modern networking technologies with AI-powered security across all edges. This protects organizations from the escalating threat landscape of today while also assisting them in providing a better user experience for their customers

Networking and safety's most cutting-edge technological advances

The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is essential to Secure Networking. FortiGate is driven by the FortiOS operating system and security processors custom-built for the purpose (SPUs). These developments make it possible to achieve the most comprehensive convergence of networking and security by doing away with the need for point solutions.

Our unified solution of SD-WAN, NGFW, SWG, ZTNA enforcement, LAN edge, and wireless WAN 5G/LTE is accessible for deployment on any network edge.

Implementation of the network-based security service known as Allot Secure may occur either in the network’s core or periphery. The service is driven by NetworkSecure, HomeSecure, or DNS Secure, each of which is a piece of software that may be run alone or as a virtual network function.

When users opt-in to the service, Allot Secure’s network-based security begins to enforce customer policies on safety and parental control to guarantee that users have a positive and risk-free experience while using the internet.


The Security-Driven Networking Provided by Bita Technologies

The acceleration of digital activity has caused a fast expansion of attack surfaces and new network edges, such as local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (5G), remote workers, and cloud computing. The Security-Driven Networking method developed by Bita Technologies is the only convergent networking and security platform currently available. It offers a strong defence against the highly dynamic surroundings of today while improving productivity. Our unified product is always accessible with various flexible deployment patterns, and it confirms Forrester’s Zero Trust Edge approach to protecting hybrid workforces while enhancing user experiences reliably.

Mobile networks have NetworkSecure running on their devices.

It is possible to implement DNS Secure in fixed broadband as a stand-alone solution, or it can be used in conjunction with other Allot Secure solutions, including HomeSecure and EndpointSecure, to deliver comprehensive and more advanced security services.