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The Huawei NGFW solution is among the top firewalls. The Huawei Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) does everything that traditional firewalls do, but it also has more advanced security features like IPS and anti-malware functions to find applications and stop application-layer threats. Granular controls that are dependent on factors like as application, content, time, user, attack, and location may be implemented using Huawei NGFW’s global context awareness architecture (ACTUAL). O&M administration is made
much easier thanks to the cutting-edge SmartPolicy technology and the management interfaces that are able to be readily integrated. An integrated architecture is used by the Intelligence Awareness Engine (IAE), which strikes an ideal balance between performance and data security. Huawei NGFW delivers next-generation security with comprehensive protection, granular control, and simplified operational administration to meet the needs of corporate networks in the changing ICT landscape.


Previously, this product was referred to as Huawei USG Firewalls, namely the USG9500 Series, USG6600 Series, and USG6300 series. Bita Technologies has been giving our customers excellent and all- encompassing technical services for some time now. We have more Huawei certifications and more
experience in the real world than any other Huawei solution supplier in India because of the years of hard work and dedication we have put in. We have made these problem-solving abilities accessible to you so that you may get the most out of your Huawei investment, swiftly handle issues, and get the
tools you need to be successful.

The client’s networks may be protected with the assistance of Bita Technologies. Our organization is comprised of some of the most qualified firewall service providers in all of India. We are a full-service cybersecurity company that not only sells and installs firewalls but also provides professional services, AMC contracts, data center solutions, and both HLD and LLD network design.

In addition to this, Bita Technologies offers New and Refurbished Routers, Switches, and Wireless Devices, as well as Firewall Rental Services to Small, Midsize, and Enterprise-Scale Businesses.