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AMC Contract

AMC Contract Service Provider in Delhi || Bengaluru || Mumbai (India).

The practice of cloud computing is not a one-time task. The cloud environment always calls for optimization and improvements to be made. Customers using Bita Technologies may take advantage of affordable Annual maintenance contract (AMC) services for various services, thanks to the company’s low pricing.

We provide comprehensive information technology solutions that may assist with Network Infrastructure, Network Security and Cyber Security. We adhere to rigorous and comprehensive SLAs to the requirements of the customer’s company. We were able to satisfy the most critical need and focal point of the vast majority of our clients, which is that the cloud must be available at all times.

AMC services may be obtained from Bita Technologies in their entirety. To ensure a mutually beneficial partnership with each of our clients, we prioritize including most security services and maintenance criteria.

Our AMC services include sales and support of various IT-related products and services, such as network cabling, firewall installation, data security, maintenance of IT hardware, detection and correction of malware, and more.

Managed Edge Security from Bita Technologies allows you to delegate network security, compliance, and monitoring to our team of security professionals. Our professionals work tirelessly to remain abreast of new threats, current best practices, and regulatory compliance. With Bita Technologies’ Managed Edge Security solution, clients get next-generation firewall services and unified threat mitigation to safeguard their network.

Our security professionals will continually monitor your network for abnormalities, unusual patterns, and other signs of possible attacks. We can also handle mundane activities like security updates and patches to free up your internal resources for more critical jobs and initiatives.

We can supply your network with high levels of security and cost you regularly. We will outline our obligations and what you may anticipate from us in the event of a cyber-attack on your network via a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

As organizations extend their mission-critical networks with newer applications, many consider network security technology as the key to preventing data breaches and disclosure. Without protection, businesses are susceptible to security breaches that result in severe losses. In this case, a firewall is the security measure that every company should use. Firewalls are becoming more and more important for keeping a network safe.